Masonry Veneers: Are They Right For Your Home or Business?:

Masonry veneers, a single, non-stuctural layer of external masonry brick work, and backed by air, may be a better solution in some construction projects. The innermost element is typically structural and can consist of metal framing, wood framing or masonry. Veneers can be made of any artificial or natural stone product, but more often they are made of concrete or clay.

Here Are Some Of The Advantages Of Stone Veneers:

  • Rapid Cooling of Walls During Summer
  • Rapid Project Completion
  • Increased Thermal Performance of Walls (use of insulation in cavities)
  • Acts As A Drainage Plane
  • Lower Weight: Structural Support
  • Expedites Build Time By Allowing Concurrent Construction
  • Cost Savings Due To Lower Labor Needs(reduces build time over masonry)