Brick Color Matching

Color Matching Is An Important Pairing:

St Louis Brick, a division of Massey Tuckpointing and Masonry, recognizes the importance of getting even the smallest details, correct. Almost right or close enough, are not words you’ll hear when we’re working on your St Louis home, business or historical landmark.

Mismatching elements—bricks, mortar or stones, stand out like a sore thumb. We want to do our job so well, you’ll never notice! Whether it’s a project or repair for a Saint Louis homeowner, property manager, contractor or architect, we deliver precise color match every time. Non-matching elements can make your property look less than beautiful. Don’t trust your bricks and color matching to amateurs, let our professional contractors do it the right way.

Our masons can stain individual bricks and even the mortar. This solutions saves time, money and headaches. Make 2012 the year that your bring your St. Louis bricks and masonry back to life.