St. Louis Chimney Repair

St Louis Brick Is Ready To Get Your Chimney Back On-Line and Smoking:

Neglecting your chimney is not a good decision; nor does it save money. A neglected, crumbling chimney not only looks bad, but it also can cause much larger problems including—not properly venting smoke or fumes, allowing the elements—rain, snow, etc. to enter your interior, and giving rodents, bats and other pesky critters, easy entry into your St Louis home or business. Why take chances and risk your home or businesses’ safety, compromise your comfort or suffer property damage and property value decreases all because of a deteriorating or poorly-maintained chimney? Call the experienced contractors that thousands of other satisfied Saint Louis homeowners have trusted to get their chimney, flue liner or caps back into working order fast. St Louis Brick, a division of Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry, have the proper scaffolding, lifts, and best trained chimney repair masons in town, so don’t trust your property or home to amateurs who lack proper training, equipment, insurance or take the money and run. St Louis Brick doesn’t even require a downpayment in many cases. Yeah, you heard right, no downpayment. Check and see how many St. Louis tuckpointing contractors will make that offer.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Reasons You Should Keep Your St Louis Chimney In Proper Working Order:

    Maintains and Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal
    Maintains and Increases Your Home or Property’s Value and Safety
    Reduces and Eliminates Ventilation Issues and Fire Hazards
    Protects Your Home’s Interior Against The Elements—Rain, Snow, Hail, and Snow Melt
    Seals Out Dangerous and Damaging Pests—Birds, Squirrels, Bats, Possums, Rats and More
      Increases Draft of