Brick Repair

St Louis Brick: A Commitment To Quality Built On A Rock Solid Foundation:

The city of St Louis and it’s long, rich history are built with bricks. From the brick streets of Laclede’s Landing, to the amazing vivid red brick homes of Lafayette Square, the Central West End and beyond, bricks abound. As durable as they are, bricks, mortar and foundations can begin to weather, fade, chip, shift or even crumble. St Louis Brick, a division of Massey Tuckpointing and Masonry, know how to restore, repair and rebuild your St Louis home, chimney, business or landmark. Our skilled masonry contractors take the utmost pride and care in insuring that your bricks, mortar and structure are built or repaired to perfection. With St Louis brick, your home may just weather another 100 years of extreme St Louis weather and use.

St Louis Brick Provides Residential and Commercial Brickwork, Bricklaying and Masonry Solutions:

Our team of craftsman don’t dabble or get by; they excel and raise masonry to an artform. Our team of professionals study at the feet of the best, continue their education, and truly care about their work. We don’t just hire anyone–we hire the best of breed who never think that OK is good enough. Each project or repair is done 100% correct and with pride, craftsmanship and care. What do you have in mind? We can build your vision into reality and make your home or business the pride of St Louis.